Old Tech Costing Healthcare Industry $8b Annually

Rugged Tablet, Laptop Computers Facilitate In-Room Patient Care

According to a new survey from the technology firm Imprivata says that the healthcare industry lags most other industries in terms of technology adoption and digital transitioning. The delay, the study says, costs US hospitals more than $8 billion annually as a result of increased patient discharge times and lost productivity.

"The only industry that uses pagers pervasively is healthcare," said Imprivata CEO Omar Hussain. "Everyone else has moved to forms of communications that are faster and quicker."

The firm says that as much as 30% of the delays come from patient check-in and check-out times related to the use of outmoded communications systems that still rely on a paper-based model.

Decentralized systems, says Improvata, lead to delays, waste, and inefficiencies in care delivery. The company cited a recent project for Beaufort Memorial Hospital in South Carolina, which recently implemented a centralized information system that provides a single network for doctors, nurses and administrators from which they can each access different levels of information via in-room from portable computers, like healthcare tablet computers connected to secure WiFi networks.

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The move comes on the hells of a recently passed bill - the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which provides $19 billions top romote the wider uses of electronic medical records (EMR).

By increasing the meaningful use of technology and electronic medical records in healthcare environments, organizations can be reimbursed by demonstrating their adoption of the new technologies.

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