Handheld Algiz 7: Super Rugged, Ultra Mobile

The new Algiz 7 rugged tablet PC is small, lightweight and fast, making it perfect for field work and other functions that demand portable power.

Algiz 7 Performance Specs

The Handheld Algiz 7 rugged tablet features a high-powered, low voltage Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, which is more than capable of handing GIS coordinate plotting, complex mapping displays, and much more power-intensive programs. There's also an onboard 128GB solid-state hard drive, which not only increases the processing speed, but also protects your data from bumps and shocks.

Handheld Algiz 7 Snow

Beautiful Display

The Handheld Algiz 7 features a glorious 7-inch display - and that's not an understatement. When handheld computing devices won't cut it with their small screens and often limited processing power, the Algiz 7 has you covered. The sunlight-readable display allows you to work with detailed maps and visuals that require a large display.

Full System Integration

Unlike other rugged tablets, the Handheld Algiz 7 features Windows 7 Ultimate as an operating system, meaning that you won't have to change any of your current software infrastructure to transfer data from the Algiz 7 to databases, other programs, or other devices.

Handheld Algiz 7 Extensibility

The Handheld Algiz 7 comes with a GPS navigation chip built-in, and when it comes to communicating with other equipment and people, there's also Bluetooth, WiFi, and a fully integrated 3G antenna and modem, which provides you with high-speed GSM/TMTS/EVDO data transmission. There's even built-in Gobi 3000 technology, which will keep you in touch with your choice of wireless connection anywhere in the world.

On the input side, there's also an integrated 5MP camera with LED flash/light. There's also waterproof USB ports, RS232 ports and LAN ports.

Handheld Algiz 7 on the Road

True Portability

The Handheld Algiz 7 weighs just 2.42 pounds. When you compare that with any comparible device, you know you've found something special with the Algiz 7. Top it off with long-life hot-swappable battery packs and you can keep on working even when you need to change the battery - no interruptions needed.

Truly Rugged

The Handheld Algiz 7 is MIL-STD-810G certified against humidity, vibration, drops and extreme temperatures and it's IP-certified against water ingress. You're safe to use the Algiz 7 in any environment for any work.

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