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Ramco Rugged Portables is an authorized reseller-distributor of Motion rugged tablets and computers.

When you're considering the purchase of new semi-rugged tablets, contact Ramco Rugged Portables, where we stock all of Motion's rugged tablets and handhelds.

Motion Rugged Tablets

Headquarted in Austin, TX, Motion Computing is a premier manufacturer of first-in-class semi-rugged tablets perfect for multiple industries, including healthcare, field services, utilities, manufacturing, and retail POS.

Motion Rugged Tablet Products

Motion Computing produces several rugged tablet products. Have a quick look at what makes them special.

Rugged Tablets
Motion's rugged tablets are industry leaders in healthcare, retail, and distribution markets. Their lightweight frames with ultra-durable cases make them the go-to machine for those in need of portable, easy-to-use rugged tablets. Several of Motion's rugged tablets also include anti-microbial surfaces, making them particularly well suited for the healthcare industry, whether in a hospital or private practice setting.

Motion Rugged Tablet Features

Extreme Portability
Motion computers are each very lightweight, often weighing as little as one pound. That makes them perfect for workers in need of portability, whether you're traversing long hospital corridors from patient to patient or strolling along a manufacturing floor conducting inspections.
Plenty of Power
All of Motion's rugged tablets, from the Motion F5 to the CL900 are powered by Intel's Atom processor, which maximizes energy efficiency for longer battery life without sacrificing the power necessary to run complex software applications.
Field Services
Public Safety
Motion Computing, Inc.
8601 RR 2222 Building II

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