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GammaTech Rugged Computers

GammaTech Computer Corporation was founded in 1987 in Fremont, California. A major manufacturer of rugged notebook computers and other rugged devices, GammaTech has positioned itself as a leading supplier of rugged devices to multiple industries.

GammaTech's first rugged prodduct was the GammaTech 386sx - one of the first rugged computers on the market. Their product line continues today with the latest Intel Mobile Technology and the latest rugged technology.

GammaTech Rugged Products

GammaTech Computer Corporation manufactures a multitude of rugged computer products, but the majority of their products fall under the following rugged form factor categories:

Rugged Laptops
GammaTech rugged laptops are traditional laptops with commercial-grade or higher hardware wrapped in a super-durable shell, often composed of ultra-light magnesium-alloy.
Rugged Convertibles
GammaTech convertibles are tablet-laptop combinations with swivel screens and multi-touch technology that enable traditional laptop-style use or hybrid tablet use.
Rugged Tablets
More rugged than traditional tablets, GammaTech rugged tablets feature advanced processors and more memory than most tablets and are also capable of withstanding extreme environmental stresses.

GammaTech Rugged Technologies

Sunlight Readable Displays
GammaTech rugged computers offer standard or optional sunlight readable displays with ultra-bright display processors to provide you with screen visibility no matter where you are.
MultiTouch Tablets
Zoom, shrink and swipe, with standard or optional multitouch displays, which are available on most GammaTech rugged convertibles and tablets.
Solid-State Drives
Protect your data from bumps, shocks and vibration with GammaTech rugged computers, most of which come with optional solid-state hard drives.
Energy Development
Field Services
Law Enforcement
Public Safety
GammaTech Computer Corporation
(510) 492-0828
48303 Fremont Blvd.

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