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Getac B300

Getac’s best-selling unit, the Getac B300, is an all-purpose 13.3-inch rugged notebook with state-of-the-art processors, incredible battery life, 4


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Getac E110

10.1-inch fully rugged tablet, low-voltage processor, and bright touchscreen.


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Getac PS336

The Getac PS336 is a fully rugged PDA with Windows Mobile, a sunlight readable display, and a stylus for touch-based use.


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Getac S400

Designed to be one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers ever built, the Getac S400 rugged laptop was developed specifically for utilities, publ


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Getac V100

Compact and lightweight, the Getac V100 is a 10.4-inch convertible designed for field service and maintenance industries, the V100 rugged convertib


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Getac V200

The Getac V200 is a powerful, feature-packed 12.1-inch rugged convertible designed for military, field service, public safety and maintenance indus


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Getac X500

With a large screen and endless expansion opportunities, the Getac X500 ultra-rugged computer combines the flexibility of our best-selling Getac B3


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Getac Z710

Compact and powerful, the new Android-powered Getac Z710 rugged tablet allows you the flexibility to work in nearly any environment.


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Getac F110

The Getac F110 is Getac's newest rugged tablet.


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Getac V110

The Getac V110 is a fully rugged convertible notebook capable of handling whatever you can throw at it.


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Getac T800



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