ToughPad FZ-G1 (FZ-G1AAHJB1M)

Processor: Intel Core i5-3437U 1.90GHz, vPro with 8GB DDR3 RAM and Windows 7 Pro
Display:10.1 inch WUXGA 10-pt Multi Touch+Digitizer,
Hard Drive: 128GB Solid State Drive
Communication: Intel WiFi a/b/g/n, TPM, Bluetooth, Webcam, 3MP Cam, Dual Pass (Upper:WWAN/Lower:GPS), Verizon 4G LTE, GPS,
Warranty: 3 Year Toughbook Preferred

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Handheld Algiz 7

The Algiz 7 represents the next generation of mobile PC performance. This rugged tablet PC is small, light and fast, with multiple connectivity options and a wide range of functionality, and it's perfect for detailed maps and other visuals that require a display larger than standard handheld devices.

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NEW! Durabook SA14 Notebook

The newly updated Gammatech Durabook SA14 is a wonderful new addition to the Durabook family.

Featuring upgraded processors (Core i-series), more RAM, and an improved hard drive, there's plenty to be happy with. It's also fully rugged, MIL-STD and IP65 compliant. That means you can take your SA14 to work no matter matter where that happens to be. Get all of this and more for just $1611.00.

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Introducing Patrol PC

Ramco Rugged Portables is proud to announce a new partnership with Patrol PC, the only manufacturer of a truly all-in-one rugged vehicle solution.

Offering simple installation and maintenance, incredible standard and optional warranties, and a lower total cost of ownership than any other rugged vehicle computing solution, Patrol PC is the perfect system for law enforcement agencies of all sizes and specializations.

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Need a Vehicle Mount?

Ramco Rugged Portables has a full line of vehicle mounts designed for most any vehicle on the road and for any rugged portable we sell. Our in-house vehicle mount specialist can help you find the best system for your needs, whether they're bolt-in or no-drill models. Our mounts are specially designed to absorb shocks and vibration, making them perfect for any road environment.

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Exceptional Tech Support

Getac is now offering warranty-based tech support through FedEx TechConnect, making the company's already stunning 5-year warranty even more impressive. The new offering means easy shipping, total online status tracking, and reduced downtime should you need your Getac computer serviced.

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Handheld Algiz 7: Super Rugged, Ultra Mobile

The new Algiz 7 rugged tablet PC is small, lightweight and fast, making it perfect for field work and other functions that demand portable power.

Algiz 7 Performance Specs

The Handheld Algiz 7 rugged tablet features a high-powered, low voltage Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor, which is more than capable of handing GIS coordinate plotting, complex mapping displays, and much more power-intensive programs. There's also an onboard 128GB solid-state hard drive, which not only increases the processing speed, but also protects your data from bumps and shocks.

Motion CL-Series SlateMate Streamlines Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS)

Are you a retailer trying to find a new means of mobile point-of-sale purchases? Do you wish there was a way to put your retail salespeople among the customers? Look no further than the Motion CL-series SlateMate tablet, which features a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner. It’s an industry first for rugged portable tablets and it’s bound to revolutionize the way you do business.

Introducing Patrol PC

The Only True Rugged All-in-One Vehicle PC

Ramco Rugged Portables is proud to announce a new partnership with Patrol PC, the only manufacturer of a truly all-in-one rugged vehicle solution.

Doctors’ Use of EMR Up 24% Since 2009

A new study released by the Center for Disease Control shows that doctors and medical professionals are using electronic medical records at much higher rates than in 2009.

This, the report says, is due in large part to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), which authorizes payments through Medicaid and Medicare programs to physicians to advance adoption of EMR systems nationwide.

Old Tech Costing Healthcare Industry $8b Annually

Rugged Tablet, Laptop Computers Facilitate In-Room Patient Care

According to a new survey from the technology firm Imprivata says that the healthcare industry lags most other industries in terms of technology adoption and digital transitioning. The delay, the study says, costs US hospitals more than $8 billion annually as a result of increased patient discharge times and lost productivity.

Getac V100 Convertible Laptop

A perfect rugged blend of tablet and laptop

There are plenty of tablet/laptop convertibles on the market today, but only one has the heavy duty power to work in the most demanding work environments. A long-time bestseller for Getac, the Getac V100 has all of the tools you need, plus a heavy duty magnesium alloy case to ensure that you get processing power and usability without compromosing on the safety of the device itself.

Senate Proposes Medical Device Tax Repeal: May Make Rugged Healthcare Computers Affordable for Small Medical Centers

Bipartisan majorities in both the US House and Senate voted last month to adopt an amendment that repeals the proposed 2.3 percent medical device tax that went into effect in January as part of the Affordable Care Act.

According to the the Pioneer Institute, the tax would cost Massachusetts' largest companies more than $400 million per year, which many healthcare advocacy groups say would hinder medical technology implementation and development. The tax applies to most medical device purchases, including heavy duty healthcare computers such as tablets and laptops.

Gammatech TA10 Featured in 'Fleet Owner' Magazine

The new Gammatech Durabook TA10, a new rugged tablet designed for the unique demands in the utility industry, was recently featured in Fleet Owner Magazine. The 10.4-inch display tablet device features a high performance CPU, ultra-high brightless LCD, and the Intel's Ivy Bridge processors.

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